Chapter History

Chartered December 19, 1925——-Bricks, North Carolina

December 19, 1925,  Anna Easter Brown, with the assistance of Jessie B. Thornton, organized Chi Omega Chapter after being deputized by International President, L. Pearl Mitchell. The charter members were: Anna Easter Brown, Jessie Thornton, Thelma Black, Valley K. Redding, and Zobia Coleman. The first officers were: Anna Easter Brown, President, Jessie B. Thornton, Vice-President, Valley K. Redding, Secretary, and  Mabel Robinson, Treasurer.

Throughout its 96 year history, Chi Omega Chapter has been one of the premier organizations for community service, recognizing high scholastic achievement, social service participation and service to all mankind.

During the 96 year history, Chi Omega Chapter has hosted several conferences, members have received numerous awards and recognitions, and our signature programs have been recognized throughout Alpha Kappa Sorority, Inc.

A thirty year partnership with the City of Rocky Mount has yielded opportunities to provide community services and signature programs serving the residents of Rocky Mount and the surrounding areas.

Easter Sunday, April 12, 2009, a thirty-one year dream came true for Chi Omega Chapter.  Tau Gamma, an undergraduate chapter, was chartered on the campus of North Carolina Wesleyan College in Rocky Mount, North Carolina.

In 2011, Ruth Anderson Smith was instrumental in meeting with the North Carolina Humanities Council to present evidence that Anna Easter Brown was worthy of a North Carolina Historical Highway Marker being erected in her honor. The marker is located at the entrance of Unity Cemetery, the gravesite Anna Easter Brown. Recognizing the accomplishments of Anna Easter Brown to the City of Rocky Mount and the state of North Carolina, the City Council approved the erection of a City Marker near the residence of the home where Anna Easter Brown lived for approximately thirty-two years.

In 2015, Chi Omega Chapter reached a milestone celebration of ninety years of service. Past presidents, fifty and twenty-five year members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated® were recognized.  Most importantly was the recognition and honoring of our first and only seventy-five year member, Ruth Anderson Smith. In recognition of this honor, Chi Omega Chapter sponsored a public reception.  The guests in attendance were included the Regional Director, the Mayor of Rocky Mount, family and friends, former school mates, and other well wishers.

After 96 years, Chi Omega Chapter continues the legacy, “Service to all Mankind.”

Past Presidents of Chi Omega Chapter

1925 – 1928        Anna Easter Brown
1929 – 1930        Valley K. Redding
1931 – 1932        Mable Robinson
1933 – 1934        Zenobia Coleman
1935 – 1938        Jimmie R. Edwards
1939 – 1940        Ethel Wyche Greene
1941 – 1942        Ernestine Davis
1943 – 1946        Illa K. Bellamy
1947 – 1948        Onelia Davis
1949 – 1950        Althea W. Avent
1951 – 1952        Illa K. Bellamy
1953 – 1954        Rosa Arrington
1955 – 1956        Martha B. Townsend
1957 – 1958        Maude B. Hubbard
1959 – 1960        Mabel C. Williams
1961 – 1962        Pettye Brown
1963 – 1964        Ethel Wyche Greene
1965 – 1966        Melva W. Costen
1967 – 1968        Ruth A. Smith
1969 – 1970        Mildred Hines
1971 – 1972        Bessie S. Tyson
1973 – 1974        Illa K. Bellamy
1975 – 1978        Helen Hines Hunter
1979 – 1980        Mary Edge
1981 – 1984        Bettye Payne
1985 – 1993        Julia Congleton-Bryant
1994 – 1995        Macie Riddick
1996 – 1997        Gloria Wiggins-Hick
1998 – 1999        Barbara Vick
2000 – 2003        Josie Davis
2004 – 2007        Karen Gatling Clark
2008 – 2009        Terry Anderson
2010 – 2011        Lorene R. Woodard
2012 – 2015        Nell Burwell
2016 – 2017        Debora Lightfoot
2018 – 2021        Sharon Williams